The East of Scotland European Consortium (ESEC) is a local authority membership organisation with a political board whom collaborate on a shared EU agenda as it affects and supports economic development in the area.  ESEC’s agenda is mainly concentrated around EU policy developments and associated lobbying activity but also EU funding opportunities and strategic projects..


ESEC was established in 1991 to promote the interests of its local authority members and engage with European policy and funding issues on their behalf.  ESEC is a non-statutory joint committee with political representations from 7 local authorities in Eastern and North eastern Scotland.

ESEC objectives are to:

Establish EU policy knowledge and information on EU funding

Provide information advice
Highlight funding opportunities
Facilitate project development

Lobby and petition on behalf of the East of Scotland to influence EU policy change

Focus on key issues that affect regional economic growth
Identify issues that affect East of Scotland local authorities

Ensure EU policy engagement

Proactively set up networking events in Brussels and Scotland
Network with other regional and national organisations