Located on the North East coast of Scotland, Aberdeen is a thriving city of some 210,400 people. Over the last 40 years, the city has reinvented itself from a provincial regional centre dependent upon fishing, farming and tourism to become the centre of the UK’s national oil and gas exploration and production activity and Europe’s most enterprising energy capital.

Much of the work of the Council at EU level in recent years has been to support the transition to a future low carbon economy, in line with the ambition of EU and national objectives and targets.

In order to ensure local delivery of EU objectives the Smart Aberdeen and Aberdeen 2020 documents have been produced .

Aberdeen City in Europe

Since 2007 the Council has secured over €50m of EU grant funding.  One of the key projects to benefit from grant funding has been the Hydrogen Bus Project, which has seen the construction of a hydrogen refuelling station in the city, as well as ten hydrogen buses being operated by the two largest private bus companies in the City.

Moving towards 2020 the focus at EU level will be on ensuring that the Council continues to develop a long term sustainable economy based upon low carbon and energy efficiency. The opportunities to engage within areas such as Smart Cities are of obvious interest to the Council, and emerging topics such as a circular economy will be a priority for collaborative action.

Through the Socrates programme, the Council’s education Service has developed working links between individual schools, teachers and head-teachers and their counterparts in the Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Slovenia and Lithuania.   With the support of ESF, the Council also runs a range of employment-related initiatives, which assist individuals play a more active role in the economic life of the city.

Aberdeen companies have active trading links with Europe.  In a recent export survey the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Ireland were among the top twenty current export destinations for Aberdeen companies.

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